Some keys to help

FAITH: having faith in life, that the universe will provide what you need. Understanding that faith is not blindness but an extension of ones heart, have faith in humankind, have faith in the universe, but above all else this key means having faith in yourself, you can do anything.   

HUMILITY: understanding your mistakes, respecting that others can be right, taking challenges in stride and not gloating about yourself, humility can calm a swirling storm of angst, outrage and emotion.   

RESPECT: firstly for yourself, secondly for others. Respecting oneself and having integrity is untouchable by any other person, Respecting others is a reservation one should make, that being said you give respect freely as well as withdraw respect for others accordingly.   

PATIENCE: understand that time is grand in compairison to the here and now, fear not the man who has practiced 1,000 kicks one time but fear the man who has practiced one kick 1,000 times, he had the patience to stay the course and develop a skill through repitition and patience, so do you.   

COMPASSION: love deeply and greatly, feel for those in need, understand the frailties of the human design, accept loss and use it, live from the inside and the outside will glow. 

COURAGE: stand for something or fall for nothing, be loud, be you, be proud. Life is a journey, carve your path and leave a story worth telling.   

PERSERVERANCE: stay the course, through strain and struggle, through sacrifice and scars comes the greatest of achievements, will-power and drive to keep going, never give up without giving them hell   

There is one key left out on purpose, the most precious of keys to be given to others on your deepest and truest of emotional levels, the key to your heart, so often we give this key away freely to find the locks all broken. When the time is right, you’ll know what to do with that key, until then my best advice is to accompany guests into your heart, change the locks when you feel uncomfortable and don’t ever stop being you.    Live. Love. Enjoy.


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One response to “Keys….”

  1. mygirlfriendvoice says :

    I absolutely love that you created a visual to support your writing! Thank you— CaraW

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